Qi Fang(方淇)

Hi! I am Qi Fang, a senior student majoring in Computer Science in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), expected to graduate in 2023.

Seeing everything related to autonomous driving makes me extremely excited, and this has led me to join the related research field with enthusiasm. Generally, My research interest lies in Computer Vision, AI Security, and Robotics. Specifically, I am particularly interested in achieving robust autonomous driving at the perception level, especially under adverse weather and adversarial attacks.

Currently I am a research intern focusing on robust robot vision at AI4CE LAB, New York University, fortunately supervised by Prof. Chen Feng and Dr. Felix Juefei Xu. Previously I interned at iDLAB, Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Wenjun Wang, where I focused on human behavior interacting with self-driving vehicles.

In addition to academia, I also worked at XPeng Motors as a Test Engineering Intern to perform quality assurance on its industry-leading Valet Parking Assist(VPA) feature.

Feel free to contact me by email: qifang804 at gmail dot com

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Among Us: Adversarially Robust Collaborative Perception by Consensus
Yiming Li*, Qi Fang*, Jiamu Bai, Felix Juefei-Xu, Chen Feng
Submitted to ICCV, 2023
arXiv / code

"We proposed a novel probability-guaranteed sampling method inspired by RANSAC to achieve a trust-worthy group of benign agents, outperforming adversarial training Method by 73%."

Influence of the Relative Position of Surrounding Traffic on Drivers’ Take-over Performance
Qingkun Li, Andrej Naumenko, Qi Fang, Ali Muhammad Hadi, Lian Hou, Wenjun Wang, Quan Yuan, Bo Cheng
International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics(AHFE), 2021

"We validated a key indicator of relative position between the ego vehicle and surrounding vehicles having important effects on take-over performance and driving safety."

3D Perception in Adverse Weather Conditions
Personal Project

"To augment the performance of lidar perception under challenging meteorological conditions. Focusing on noise-removal and noise-utilization methods."

*Move cursor to the thumbnail to see the iterative process of noisy points removal.
Reverse Adversarial Learning
Personal Project

"To explore the potential of reverse adversarial attacks to realize robust vision as well as robust 'objects' to current deep vision models."

Education & Internships
New York University, New York City, USA (Jul. 2021 - Present, Remote Collaboration)
Research Intern
Supervisor: Prof. Chen Feng and Dr. Felix Juefei Xu

Research Topics:
[1] Multi-agent Collaboration / [2] Adversarial Machine Learning / [3] Robust Robot Vision

[1][2] -> Among Us, in submission to ICCV 23'
[2] -> Reverse Adversarial Learning, ongoing
[3] -> 3D Perception in Adverse Weather Conditions, ongoing

Xpeng Motors, Guangzhou, China (Jan. 2021 - Mar. 2021)
Test Engineering Intern

Tasks: Research, quality assurance, user testing, evaluation and optimization of XPeng’s Valet Parking Assist (VPA) feature

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (Sept. 2020 - Jan. 2021)
Research Intern
Supervisor: Prof. Wenjun Wang

Research Topics: Human factors and ergonomics in conditional automated driving. -> AHFE 2021 Paper

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China (Sept. 2018 - Present)
Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Science and Technology

Major Courses: Operating System / Database System / Discrete Mathematics / Machine Learning / Data Structures / Compilers / Computer Networks

GPA and awards
Academic Performance
Overall GPA: 88/100

Selected Courses: Machine Learning. (97)
Python Programming. (93)
Operating System. (91)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms. (89)
Object-Oriented Programming Design and Practice(C++). (95)
Computer Graphics. (87)
Parallel computing with CUDA programming. (87)

Awards: Merit Scholarship (top 2% performers based on academic growth and potential) (2020)
Merit Student Award(2020)
3rd Class Academic Scholarship (2020, 2022)
Bronze Medal in the 13th BUPT Collegiate Programming Contest (2019)
1. My first name is pronounced as Qi[tʃiː].
2. I am really into math rock. Come to listen to my favorite math rock bands Elephant Gym and Shanghai Qiutian.
3. Red pandas are super cute! Check out their fluffy moments:
4. I have 10yrs+ experiences in DIY and maintenance of PC hardware. I could help with many hardware or software issues. Check out my DIY PCs and Macs:
5. I love exploring around and capturing moments. Check out some random photos by me:
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My Best Friends:
  • Yanjie Ze (SJTU)
  • Wyatt Hongbo Zhu (Nankai U)
  • Zhuowen Zheng (Tongji U)
  • Zhendong Li (Shanghai U)
  • Tianyou Luo (BUPT)
  • Yu Lei (BUPT)
  • Wenjie Qu (HUST)
  • Fanpeng Meng (HUST)